Where can you find whole grains in bulk in FL

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    I tried looking for grain mills etc in my area and didnt see any. I found some places that ship grain in bulk but it is really expensive to ship to FL. I know I can get stuff like corn and blk oil sunflowers seeds but where do I find bulk flax, wheat berries, oats, wheat etc.? Anyone from FL know? I am in NE fl
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    Quote:I'd like to know too!!![​IMG]
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    Mar 12, 2009
    Same here.
    I pay $15.00 at BJ's for a 40lbs mix of corn, millo, and sunflower seeds.
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    Did you Google "feed mills" for your area?
  5. The best place to get bulk grain is at Mother Earth. Because it is human food grade, it's likely quite expensive...I really haven't checked prices. They get stuff in 50# sacks to put in the bulk bins. I know they will sell the bulk bags because I bought a huge bag of wheatberry from them a few years back.

    We could check with someone like the feed store in Alachua that makes their own feed. I don't know if Seminole Feed makes their own anymore...they used to.

    Here are a few others:

    Swan's Feed Mill
    8916 Fort King Rd
    Zephyrhills, FL,

    Southeastern Minerals, Inc. 229-243-5202
    J.B. Davis & Company 770-497-8000
    Manna Pro Corporation 813-620-9007
    Bernie Haskins Company 386-462-1389
    Franklin Minerals 352-629-7997
    Purina Mills, LLC 863-425-5544
    Howland Feed Mill, Inc. 386-364-1370
    Elanco Animal Health 229-241-7522
    Columbia Grain 386-755-7700
    Southeast Milk, Inc. 800-989-4717
    Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply 352-629-8686
    Cargill Nutrena Feed Division 407-846-4169
    Walpole, Inc. 863-763-5593
    Westway Feed Products 800-940-7253
    Seminole Feed 352-629-2150
    Tropicana Products, Inc. 941-742-2531
    Gator Feed 863-763-3337

    Dixie Feed Mill
    1280 Highway 97
    Molino, FL 32577

    Name: Howland Feed Mill
    Street: 9743 US Highway 90
    Live Oak, fl 32060-
    Phone: (386) 364-1370

    Don't know if any of these places sells bulk grain...but it's a starting place. Please post whatever you find out!! [​IMG]
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    Dec 2, 2009
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    Thank you for the great references!! I will post if I find any good deals. I did see a 40 lb bag of blk oil sunflower seed at the TSC the other day for 14 dollars and something. I thought that was fairly decent. I might try to grow some stuff too.

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