Where did all my eggs go????

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    Oct 5, 2008
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    Ok, problem is my ladies have stopped laying? I usually get 12-14 eggs a day, I have 16 hens. I have been getting 1 blue egg from my tiny Japanese bantam every day, Important becuase I have Austrolps and BO EE's, why are they not laying? I have even started letting them free range.
    They are march 08 babies. I give them laying pellets,grit,oystershell,scratch as a treat and they get out everyday to free range. I have recently added 2 babys momma hatched out in Jan. But I have no idea what to do, No they are not laying them anywhere else.And I do not have any predators getting in like snakes,coons ect...
    Momma just hatched out a new baby and is in the coop seperate from the others in a specail cage.
    Is it possible that hearing baby chirps makes them stop until momma goes back to laying?
    Getting ready to move more baby's out there tonight.
    Sorry for the long post but I want you to have all the info.
    Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    could they be possibly laying somewhere around your yard ? Maybe in a spot where you havent looked yet ?

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