Where do I find Pine Tar for feather pecking?


11 Years
Feb 28, 2011
I googled it and it came up on Amazon. One had picture of horse and the other said it was for baseballs!

I have no idea which to get. Please help!
This is the stuff you want. It is marketed as a hoof repair product (put out by a company called Horse Health Products), but works on chickens, too. I have to tell you that pine tar is not my first choice because there are better products on the market Pine tar is such a disaster to work with that I generally try not to use it. It works to stop picking, but it needs to be reapplied often and it is a stinky, sticky, goopy mess that gets all over everything. Yuck!

If you are having picking problems, I'd recommend the pinless peepers. They are the most effective tool on the market to stop this behavior. Once they are applied they rarely need to be reapplied, so it is a one-shot-deal. Much easier than messing around with topical stuff.

Good luck.
I have a product that seems to work pretty good. You need to reapply every few days, as it wears off, until the pecked spot is healed. It is called "Peck-No-More", made by Rooster Booster brand, and I bought it at Jax in Colorado. I believe Murdoch's also has it. Probably any place that sells chicken feed, etc.
Okay, not very high tech, but I bought a large blue Jiffy marker and I apply it to those spots that are being pecked. It's worked every time -- maybe just lucky?
I've had chicken saddles and sewn on tail wraps to prevent the pecking...but they are still finding ways to peck each other. Right now my poor rooster is wearing a sort of a skirt so his pecked bottom can be grow feathers...any ideas?
do pinless peepers hurt the chickens?
Not really an answe to your question but I have used blukote to stop anyone from pecking an injured bird. It also aids the healing process.

If the area looks dark blue it tends not to get pecked.
okay, i actually just used bluekote on one of my ladies cuz she broke a toe nail. do you happen to know what it's made out of? cuz it looks like pen ink!

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