Where do I get a necropsy?

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    Hello all,

    I've lost about 10 chickens in the last 2 weeks and I'm beginning to think they might have a disease. They don't have any outward symptoms that I can tell. I just find them dead.

    They ranged in age from 6 weeks to 30+ weeks. Some I hatched myself and some were day old hatchery chicks.

    I've called my local vets and they say sorry, they don't know anything about chickens. I called the extension office and they told me to call the local vets.

    I'm in Ohio by WV and PA. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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    I got several of mine done at California Dept of Food & Agriculture, Animal Health & Food Safety Services. Your state probably has something similar.
    The chicken needs to be wrapped in a plastic bag and refrigerated (not frozen) right away, in order to get a good necropsy.

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