Where do the chicks come from?

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    Jun 11, 2008
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    I'm so confused.

    I ordered 6 chicks from Meyer in Polk, OH. The postal mark says Mansfield, OH but the shipping label gives the return address as My Pet Chicken in CT. Are Meyer and My Pet Chicken associated? Are other hatcheries associated with each other?

    I'm asking because if I order more hatchery chicks I'd like to know where they are shipping from in order to keep the shipping distance to a minimum.

    Also, do any hatcheries actually raise their own stock or do they all buy eggs from outside breeders?

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    Now, I could be wrong....but I do believe that My Pet Chicken uses Meyer as one of the hatcheries they drop ship from. I'm just betting they put the wrong shipping label on the box.

    There are some hatcheries that hatch ALL their own chicks, others that hatch SOME of their chicks and contract out other breeds, and some chick sellers/'hatcheries' that contract out/drop ship ALL their chicks.

    If in doubt, call Meyer and ask...

    I ordered my first girls from them and they came from OH.

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