Where do you get niacin and brewers yeast?

health food store or drug store.
Tell me more about poultry vitamins.

I am so frustrated, well...overwhelmed is probably the better word. I read all these posts....I am working back through the past, I am on page 215 or something....so I have a bit of an overload of info, so right now I am feeling very......ARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH right now!!! LOL

Poultry vitamins......tell me, tell me!
I am pretty sure this baby will be gone by morning. I am so sad!

What should I ALWAYS have on hand when I have babies in the brooder??

Some one on this forum should write a book!!!!! I would pay for it! Even if it was a MicroSoft Word document....I would totally pay for it. I DO have Storeys Guide, and I realllllly like it, it is amazing, but.....I dunno. It is more of an encyclopedia....I want a starters guide to having ducks.

Or have stickies about the most asked questions...ie: what are the best breeds, what to have on hand, what to do for ailments, the questions that are asked over and over and over.

I am sad. I really don't want to lose this baby, but I really think s/he is going to be gone by morning. Bugs me I don't have what I need on hand right now.
I had call ducklings this spring that appeared to have a niacin deficiency. I went to the local feed store and bought a 50 lb bag. I'm sorry your duck isn't doing well. I know I scrambled to try to find something with niacin in it to give my ducklings and just ended up getting the brewers yeast because I wasn't sure what else to use.
I dont' even know what is wrong with her. She just isn't do as well as the others, so I am guessing I just give her the pol v sol or whatever AND brewers yeast??

I am sooooooooooo sad and disappointed!!! I feel so bad watching the poor thing going down hill. Bugs me SO bad!
Well, s/he is still alive, so I am going to go get brewers yeast today and maybe some poultry vitamins if I can find them.

S/he doesn't look as bad as last night, but maybe he was just really tired....we took them outside and he would run to catch up with the others and then lay down, then run again, then lay down. Maybe just plum tuckered out!!!

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