Where do you get the best coop for 12 hens?


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
I have 6 full grown hens, but they are living in a used rabbit hutch. We are planning on getting 6 more chickens in March, and we're gonna need a bigger coop. Anyone have any ideas?
If your not into building like myself or my DH, you could try hiring a local handy man to do it. Get some plans or ideas and have him build what you want. I had a kid from a high school build ours over the summer. He did a great job. Or if you watching your budget, try Craigs List. Sometimes they have old sheds you can buy and convert into a coop pretty easy.
For that size, a regular shed works really great and is about as cheap as anything you could build yourself (unless you get free wood planks, roofing tiles, etc.)
Both gryeyes and swimmer's ideas are seconded by me. I have not found any prefab coops that I like. Usually they are a lot more flimsy than they look in the picture and what they state as the chicken capacity of the coop is not usually based on 4 feet of space per chicken. The Coops book is excellent for anyone who thinks they can't build. I know because that is what I thought before I got the book and I got the courage to build the large walk in coop by myself. DH and I did have the tools on hand though so if you do not want to build it yourself, go with swimmer's idea. Find a plan that you really like and have it built better than anthing you could buy on line.

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