Where have you found your duck eggs?

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  1. I have one Rouen duck that is doing the mating dance thing with her drake and I'm wondering what weird places to look for her eggs. Where have you found your first duck egg? It's been fun searching every morning - like Easter every day - but I'd hate to miss them and have to dump them because I didn't know how old they were - assuming I found them before the crows. We are building a duck house for the winter, but right now they free range in an enclosed area. Is it too late for her to want to hatch out ducklings? I also have a flock of 7 (5 ducks, 2 drakes) Welsh Harlequins that are 9 weeks old - will they lay at the end of the summer, or will they just wait till next season? The area that they are in right now is about 80 x 80 ft, good sized but not impossible to search. There's no brush or tall grass, but there are lots of apple trees.

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    My first egg was in the coop. But that was from my khaki campbell and she is a year old. My younger ones however have layed all over their run, and even in the water. [​IMG] Didnt like the water much cause I didnt find it till I cleaned the pool out a day later. [​IMG] Lol! Anyway, if there is any safe secluded area where she can hide them check there. She will probably still have their natural instinct to hide her eggs. Also look at her bellie, if it is droppy and looks kinda bigger than she did then she is probably laying or will be soon. I have 2 ancona females that are the same age one is laying the other isnt. So it all depends on the duck when they start laying. Just saying this to let you know that not all ducks start laying at 6 months. Hope you find a pretty little egg soon. It is so exciting! [​IMG]

    ETS: Both my anconas are doing the mating dance with their male, and my rouen and khaki are doing it with their male but one of the ancona and the rouen are not laying yet. [​IMG] Cant wait for the day I go out and find lots of eggs. [​IMG]
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  3. DuckLover179

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    I just got my first egg today. It was in their coop also. [​IMG]
  4. D'Angelo N Va.

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Well my first egg I found from my Muscovies was in the garage under my chest freezer....they are the most hiding creatures I have ever seen. Before when I had mixed ducks they laid them by the pond so I could find them in the a.m.
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    Anywhere and everywhere! My first was in the coop and I left it in there and she layed 16 more and went broody and hatched brood off. Then in a hidden nest under the coop floor (which I need to check) then in the fence row with Mommy and I had to break her up AGAIN. Then some lay in the other coop as well.
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    Jun 9, 2011
    My(muscovies) lays in a flower bed and is setting there now the other is in a creek(its dry)
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    My muscovy hen usually lays in the barn loft inbetween bales of hay [​IMG] one time she layed some under the chicken pen and I had to crawl under there and break her up. I just usually let her set on the eggs for 3 or 4 weeks then break her up. We used to have a muscovy drake but he got hit by a car, so we got an Aflac duck, he dissapered that night so finally we kept a star hybrid, she hatched several broods. (she also hatched from the muscovy drake) Her two sons come and go from our house, we live close to the river so that's where they go. I'm looking for yet another muscovy drake lol

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    I have a kitty litterbox in the duck house filled with bedding with a few Easter eggs filled with sand. My ducks used to lay in there until some animal got in there, dragged the Easter eggs out and chewed them up. Now they just lay all around the pond, under the day lilies, in fountain grass, and sometimes just and the lawn around the pond. (Sometimes the eggs roll into the pond [​IMG] ) Once they even came up to the house and layed their eggs under the rosebush, silly ducks.
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