where the heck is she going?! updated: found her in a tree!

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  1. phaethona

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    Apr 13, 2010
    I haven't posted in a while, [​IMG]
    I have a flock of 5 production reds and 6 other mixed breeds, one of which is a silver phoenix. They free range in our backyard all day(it's pretty suburban, neighbors in all directions, chain link fence between us) and they all go to the coop at sunset.
    3 of my mixed breed birds are rather flighty, especially my silver phoenix. we've clipped her wings but she's still able to fly very well.

    **disclaimer: my neighbors on all three sides have dogs and yes, my flighty birds occasionally do jump the fence, they know how to get back, and I've talked with all three neighbors and they are not bothered by it because I've told them that if one of my chickens gets attacked by their dogs, I will not blame them or their dogs, it would be purely my fault for choosing those breeds before knowing how flighty they are. so long story short, sometimes one of them hops the fence but the neighbors are fine with it and we have an understanding.

    so back to my question, last night I couldn't find her when it came time to lock the coop up. I got out the flashlight and looked EVERYwhere, I checked all the usual hiding spots and hang-outs, looked under bushes, etc. finally I resolved that she had either become a dog treat or got out and didn't want to or wasn't able to make it back. I figured that I could let the other girls out a little early in the morning and she'd probably be nearby and hear her sisters. well she beat me to it, when I went out to open the coop she was wandering around the yard. my daughter says she did the same thing yesterday.(I wasn't here)
    Now I'm wondering if she's flying up into a tree instead of going in the coop. would that be typical of a phoenix? [​IMG]
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    Mar 12, 2010
    Walbridge ohio
    My la fleche does that too.Usually he hides in the tall meadow flower garden or in a spruce tree up fairly high.Phoenix are good free rangers.
  3. phaethona

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    Apr 13, 2010
    yep, she was perched in my peach tree, haha!

    It started storming so I was trying to hurry the girls into the coop and took a head count, 1 short...again, of course it was silver.
    on my way back in from the rain I saw her on a limb and put her in the coop.

    Now, the question is, in good weather should I just let her roost up there at night?

    she's obviously more comfortable up there, but do you think she's safe there?
  4. mediazeal

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    Feb 26, 2009
    predators climb trees so no, I would not let her stay in the tree
    you said you clipped her wings, as in plural
    you are only supposed to clip one wing so she is off balance and can't fly
    clip both and they can still fly
    she sounds like a handful, which makes her special
    good luck

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