Where to buy Ancona Ducks - recommendations?!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SuburbanMomof4, Feb 2, 2014.

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    I am looking for your recommendations of where to buy my Anconas!

    Like almost everyone else, I've been inspired by Carol Deppe's glowing descriptions, particularly of their *social* behaviour. I am not (yet) planning to breed - we're evaluating what works well for us on our small hobby farm. We're acquiring them for eggs and meat both, but they'll be happy ranging over our 4 cleared acres (and more).

    Here's what I am looking for:
    - able to buy a small number: ~5
    - bloodlines selected for: good foraging, predator awareness, broodiness/good mothering, social behaviour (a la Deppe)
    - local is always a plus! (I'm in S. In near Louisville)

    So far my understanding is that Boondockers has the Holderread lines (that Deppe got her from) but only sells them by the 10. I may be able to get a small number from someone local who got hers from Stromberg (lot of 15, too many for them). I've seen them listed at Cackle Hatchery (where I've bought from happily before), Worth-It Farm, and so on.

    I'd love to support a small/local breeder by buying from them... but I want to start with bloodlines that have the social behaviour I want so I can determine if these are the ducks for us!

    Where did you get yours?
    Were you happy?
    Is it totally worth paying the premium and getting the 10 to have the Holderread lines?
    How do yours behave?

    Now... RURAL homeschooling mom of *6* ages 8mo to 12yo human kids
    2 Nigerian Dwarf goats, 1 LGD (GPxCoonhound=herding behaviour?!), cat, guinea pig
    1 Partridge Cochin Roo, 3 BO hens, 1 Spitzhauben hen, 1 Black Swedish drake, 1 ?? Drake, and 4 Pearl Grey Guineas

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    You might also check in on the buy sell trade forum, if you have not already. I know there is at least one breeder of Anconas on the Duck Forum.

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