Where to buy White button quail eggs in California


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Feb 8, 2020
Hello, everyone!!

My 9 year old son is on a mission! He wants to hatch and keep white button quail as indoor pets.

He is working on the research to build an incubator and a brooder and a suitable indoor habitat for the quail. He also has elaborate plans to cover his outdoor trampoline in netting so the quail can have a outdoor space for exercise that is safe from hawks and owls.

He has decided that since he can only keep a couple in our sunroom, he wants to pick a breed so cute and so tiny that people won’t try to eat them if he has extras that need to be rehomed.

White button quail seem to fit the bill.

It will be a couple weeks before he is ready for eggs, but I wanted to reach out to the group for recommendations on where to get white button quail eggs in California.

We are in San Francisco, but we drive to SoCal frequently for visit family. We’d love to pick up the eggs in person if possible.
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