Where to find bulk feed in Southeast Michigan?

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    We are going to be getting about 100 each of egg layers (mostly leghorns and Isa browns with a few other varieties thrown in) and meat birds (cornish x). I'm having trouble finding a good place to buy bulk food in Lapeer County. I figure with that many birds we can buy larger quantities. Does anyone know of a good place to get bulk amounts? So far I've only found our local TSC. I've read that a hen will eat 1/4 lb of food a day. Does that sound right? Also how much are you feeding your cornish X? I've read 2lbs of food to every 1lb of weight gain, but not a daily total per day/per bird.

    I know this is off topic, but I would also like to know any info on the laws regarding chicken raising. We want to sell our eggs and meat birds. That Mich Dpt. of Ag language can be really hard to translate and understand. I'm thinking we will probably sell at a farmers market/ flea market. Plus any other tips you can pass to a newbie would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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    I dont know how far you are from Indiana, but check this out, Sauderfeeds.com, $9.95 for 50# of 17% layer crumbles, there located in Grabil, In
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    Check out the feed mills - there is one in Lapeer, and probably more scattered around.


    I pick up feed from the local mill in Morrice (Meal and More) here, and the prices are better than TSC. They actually just lowered prices, so 100lbs of layer feed is now $18. It's great quality, fresh, and my layers are doing very well on it. I also purchased a nonmedicated 21% grower feed from them for the meaties, and it's the same price and great quality. If I wanted larger quantities, they can easily mix it for me, but for now, I just purchase in the 100lb bags.

    For the Ag language, sometimes it's best to just email or call. I've contacted them before, and they are very good folks. Explain what you'd like to do, and they should be willing to help explain the laws that would apply :)

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