where to get feed?


9 Years
Feb 17, 2010
mid michigan
what/ where is the most economical way /place to get feed
because if it would be cheaper to get like 200pounds from the grain evelavtor i would definatly prefer that
I get mine from a feed mill. You probably need to shop around in your area and find out what places make their own feed vs. selling pre-packaged feed.
TSC and all of the "brand name" feeds are a lot more expensive and in many cases no better than you can get at your local feed mill if you have one.I pay about half for my feed as Purina and when my feed bill on the chickens alone is $200+ a month I like the savings..my feed mill also started out as a Hatchery
Feed Mills are the way to go if you have a large number of chickens. But like I only have nine and if I bought 200lbs of feed it would be stale or moldy I am sure before I got to use all of it. I get my Dumor feed from TSC because they have a high turn over rate so I get fresher feed.

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