Where to get hog ring / loxit without insane shipping?


8 Years
Jun 19, 2011
Okay, the title says it all. Tried to order 5 lbs of rings and a pair of deluxe pliers.

Here are the places NOT to get them.

1. randallburkey.com - Added a couple of handles and shipping on that ~ $50 order was $38 for UPS ground !!! Only shows shipping in the cart, after you enter in all your personal info.

2. dblrsupply.com- Just the rings and pliers about $13 shipping, PLUS a $5 handling fee !!! The extra fee only shows up in the cart.

3. gqfmfg.com- Just the rings and pliers about $17 shipping !!!

I like to get a deal as much as the next guy, but not going to stress over that last buck or so. BUT- I refuse to get "back ended" by sneaky, overpriced shipping charges and "handling fees." IMHO, it is an unethical way to charges while pretending to be a reasonable price.

If you want more $$ for your product, charge it UP FRONT, don't try to sneak it in with inflated charges after the order is entered.

So back to the question: Anyone know a reasonable place to order who isn't going to try to stick it to you via shipping, handling, or some other upcharges?

Sorry for the rant portion, but maybe others will be able to avoid these business practices if we all start putting our buying power towards ethical vendors.

(Did I mention I really dislike sneaky addon charges? :p )
Tractor supply has hog rings but can't be ordered online so if there is one near you, you can skip shipping entirely. Bass equipment has thier shipping chart on thier site and it's just as pricey as the ones you mentioned. I will suggest searching for rabbit cage building supplies as well to find a supplier you like. My local feed store has them and will rent you the pliers too so that's what I did when building my rabbit cages.
Thanks for the tips! I'll check Home Depot and TSC.

I was hoping someone online would have them without the extra "sneaky" charges ;)

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