Where to get shrink wrap bags for freezing chicken?


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Sep 1, 2009
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HI everyone!

I need to order some plastic bags and would like the kind that shrinks when you dip it in hot water. I'll be processing chickens in the next few weeks and need about 50. Do you have a good source for me? I would like to order some this weekend.

Thank you!
Google "Herrick Kimball poultry shrink bags." I used them a couple weeks ago and they worked great. Check for yourself, but I believe Kimball had the best value/deal.
Ditto. I've seen them on commercial birds, but had no idea you could do-it-yourself. I still love my food saver and because we process beef and lamb, food saver works best for us.
We use the bags from cornerstone and love them. The trick is not to wait until the last min to order. I now order by the case. We have had a busy year slaughtering meatbirds this year..........jim
Thanks for the great info--I just ordered some bags from Herrick Kimball--our fair meaties (the dozen that don't make it to the fair) head to the processor in a couple of weeks, now they have a place to go when they have completed their visit to freezer camp. Looking forward to trying the bags out--last year, our first time, we used freezer wrap and then extra large freezer ziploc bags--worked ok but think these will be quicker and preserve the meat much better. Will be 'fun' to compare.

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