Where to locate the pop door in the coop?

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Apr 24, 2010
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I am having a 10x12 shed converted into a coop. The first four feet will be for storage with a wire wall dividing the coop space from the storage space. This makes my chicken area 8x10. Where should the pop door be located? The run will be L-shaped, covering the left and back side of the coop. Should the pop door be in the middle of a wall or on a corner? I am thinking I should put the roost along the back 10 ft wall. There is a window on both sides of the coop, would the roost be better running in front of one of the windows?

Can you believe trying to figure this out is keeping me up at night??
I like a pop door that is not on the side where the wind comes in usually. When the broody hens are sitting, I don't like them to have air blowing on them. I agree with Bear Foot Farm that you don't want the air to blow on them when they are on the roost.

Ideally the air would move above their heads but not disturb the air around their feathers (no draft but still has ventilation). If you are wanting more info you can search here for Pat's ventilation page. It is a nice BYC page. One way to accomplish this would be to open one window but not two, and to have the roost away from the window. You could even put up a partition in front of the roost if it was a problem???

Also please consider that you might wish to install an automatic pop door opener later, and if you put it on a corner, make sure to leave yourself room for that.
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