Where to order Lavender Orphington chicks?


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
We are in Portland, OR. and are wanting to add a couple of Lav. Orph's to our flock this year.
Our friend is scheduled to raise them for us along with his chicks until they are able to join our big girls....and he is expecting his chicks at the end of February.

So...that gives me a little time to figure out where to get my hands on some newly hatched LO chicks.
I can find eggs locally, but we have no incubator nor the desire to do that.
Was hoping to either find someone close who is expecting chicks late Winter/early Spring OR a good hatchery that you have ordered from where I can order small amounts.
I don't think you can get them from a hatchery. (I could be wrong about this) You will probably have to contact a breeder. Good luck!
I would look for a lavender orp thread and see if there are any breeders on there (probably are). If you can get eggs locally, why not chicks? BTW, incubating is a lot of fun!
I live in Oregon also!
Lavender orpingtons are a rare color, so no you will not be able to get them from a hatchery. They are also expensive. Depending on whether you want top of the line, SQ ones. I know of a breeder in Mollalla, but she doesn't have real good quality ones. She has them though. What are you looking for? SQ? Pet quality?
I can also point you toward a lady in Sandy who has gorgeous SQ birds. Hers are $50 each for sexed ones.

I hope this helps!
Pet quality is fine. We are not going to show them. I had told DH that they would run us more because of rarity.
We did the chick thing last year, our house is not set up for that. It was a PITB to keep tidy, I run a childcare and we had smell and pine shavings, etc. everywhere......
TINY house, HUGE yard which is great for when they are grown but before....ugh!
Before that our friend has done it and he loves doing it. He took a break last year, hence the reason we tried it!LOL
So, we are back to that.
He wants to raise some this year for himself and will do ours as well.

I would love the name of the gal in Sandy, even if they are show. I will check Molalla as well! Thanks!

And thanks for the name to contact too!
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