Where to purchase older chickens?

You can get them at a feed store, i use brown's feed store in north georgia or you could order them but they will be very expensive due to shipping costs
Ordering them online also runs the risk of getting de-beaked birds, in addition to being really unpleasant on the wallet.

My feed store sells point of lay hens periodically, and I've gotten a few hens from the man across town who takes my extra roosters. I also see a lot of posts in my area for point of lay hens on craigslist, but you run the risk of getting some hens that are actually old and burnt out.

As long as you practice good quarantine precautions, and find a trustworthy source, you shouldn't have any issues hunting some down. When you're getting birds from someone you don't know, though, I wouldn't ever skip the quarantine.
Try craigslist

You may find listings in the newspaper -- check out 'Craigs List' on line.

I bought one already laying golden comet who is AMAZING for egg production, and 2 BPR pullets that were 5-months old from a listing on Criag's List. look under the listing of pullets or hens

You need to be very careful, I think that in addition to buying chickens, I bought worm parasites. (But even wild birds and bugs can pass worms to chickens... hopefully you have a de-worming program that you would start by isolating and possibly worming your chickens. ) It is nice to get eggs shortly after you get your chickens.

If you have places in the country side that sell eggs, you may stop at a road side farm and ask if they have any hens to sell...or if they know anyone who has started pullets.... (if the other suggestions here don't pan out.)
Good luck.
Have you looked for a chickenstock or swap in your area? They can be a good source of Point of Lay hens.

Make sure you use a proper quarantine when introducing foreign birds.
I don't know if you have any 4H or FFA kids in your area or homeschoolers who raise chicks for their science education or an elementary school teacher doing the same. You might find them on craigslist if you don't know anyone like this personally.

Also if there are any permaculture or homestead type groups in your area. Also check the "where are you?" forum listings on this site.


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