Where to put my Brooder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DigitalEd, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Hey all,
    I have a couple of places to put my brooder. Either in the garage or in the finshed room above the garage. Orignally, I was thinking above the garage (no cats, no disturbances, etc) but there is no AC up there and it can top 90 degrees during the day. I'd probably only need a heat light on at night since it would be so hot during the day. I'm a little worried about over heating the birds as they get older since here in the south these temps are here to stay for the next few months.

    The garage is cooler but cars would come and go a few times a day and I think that would stress the birds out.


    ----- Ed
  2. Have mine on my enclosed porch in the TN heat and humidity. Heated it to 90-95 first five days then to 85-90 for five days. Now daytime temps are 80-85 and I don't heat it then...the porch is shaded 100% of the time. I turn on a low watt at night...brings it to about 80 degrees.
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    Apr 16, 2010
    we're putting ours in the basement, do you have a basement? Or maybe a large closet or something.
  4. I kept my brooder in the garage and the sounds of the door opening/closing and the vehicles coming and going didn't seem to bother the chicks too much. Whenever we used a vehicle, I kept the garage door open for several minutes so that they wouldn't be exposed to potential fumes. Also, I kept the window cracked open at all times. During hot days, the vehicles were kept on the driveway until the engines cooled so the garage wouldn't become too hot.

    IMO, hand-raised chicks need to be exposed to various sounds because in the real world, there will always be loud noises (i.e., mowers, thunder, barking dogs, etc.). Yes, they will be startled, but they recover quickly! [​IMG]

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