Where to Put my fan in my Bator PLZ HELP NEEDED ASAP

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Feb 23, 2009
how many fan(s) should i need in my bator and where the fans are 35 CFM max with no resistence


[ how many fans and where in this bator>

im plannig to starts a hatching in the next week or so but the person who is installing it for me is only here today
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I am hatching my second batch right now in a gutted cooloer with bulb, reptitemp, and fan... I have seen fans mounted on the side and above. In my case, one is directly above blowing down (I mounted a computer fan in a hovabator) and in my hatcher/gutted cooler it is actually mounted from above but blowing down over the light and pie plate of water). I think as long as it circulates it doesn't matter. However, I have I had the fan in the hatcher blowing down for my first hatch and found the humidity more difficult to keep consistent. I have had far more success this time with the bulb above the pie plate with sponge and the fan blowing diagonally down over the top of bulb...

Hope this makes sense! I have 10 Buff Orptington hatch tonight so far and some more eggs pipped out of 20. It seems to be working fine.
Try to position it to where it blows across the bulb or heat source towards and across the thermostat, your numbers will stabilize better.


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