Where to put the cleanout door?

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    I'm talking with someone about building a coop/run similar to this one: https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=33943-rancho-chickacabra

    some odd reason, when he drew up his design, he put the cleanout door on the inside of the run. I can't figure out why he did this when I gave him the above link. Is there any reason why it would be better to have the big door on the inside?? Is he thinking it would be easier to build that way? The only advantage might be that the chickens wouldn't get out while you're cleaning. But it seems like it would be messier and harder to get stuff out, since it would have to be carried out of the run. WWYD?

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    I'm thinking getting a wheel barrow through the short run door would really.... Fill in favorite colorful description.

    The design of that coop is well thought out, I would be hard pressed to make any improvements. Here we have to use 1/4" fabric due to mink. I might put the run entrance on the side invade I wanted to make it longer in the future. But with absolute certainty the clean out door would be right where it is. I would also set the height of the coop so a wheel barrow would easily roll under it with room to spare.

    Another bad part about the door on the front is it will be bigger and heavier, unless you make two, but then you have security issues and more hardware.

    I wish I could build coops for a living they are an absolute kick!!!


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