Where to put the nest boxes??

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    ok so construction of my coop has finally begun! It is a double layer 8x8 coop (basically like a 2 story house lol) anyway I have already decided I will putting the roosting bars in the top layer so they will be easy to reach to clean the poop boards but I am not sure where to put the nestings boxes.

    Option A- top level underneath the poop boards ( so everything is accessible through one door (although I had also thought about hanging my food and water under the poop boards..))

    Option B- top level but in another area

    Option C- On the bottom level right under the roosting bars so everything will be accesible on one side but from 2 different doors.

    Is there any reason to put them any special place? or is it all just opinions? I'd love to know what yall think about this because I am completely undecided!
  2. mkhenderson17

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    Sep 8, 2010
    I kind of like option C. That way everything will stay nice and clean and assessable on the same side even though it is 2 different doors.
  3. Debs55

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    ok thanks! I guess any of the options would work I just can't decide which one. but yes I think putting them on the bootom would work cause that door could also double as the cleaning door for the bottom level. I was just wondering if it would matter if they were lower to the ground like that

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