Where to put the new baby?


12 Years
Nov 1, 2010
Northern L.P. Michigan
I had given up on my eggs in the incubator and yesterday picked up 4 chicks about two weeks old at the feed store. One was acting funny and died in the evening. Then at eleven I notice the lone egg still in the incubator was pipped. The little one hatched out about two. So here are my questions.

I don't know why the chick died, how long till I can declare the others ok?

Can I put my one lone baby in with the bigger chicks when they are ok?

I feel like I am juggling chicks.


I would wait till they are about the same size, but since this one is a lone chick, perhaps you can keep them all together and WATCH them carefully or put the loner inside the brooder but separated with a wire mesh so they're together but separated for a few days till they get used to one another.

I think sometimes chicks just fail to thrive
it doesn't look like the chicks are too far apart in age. If it were me, when the littlest one is up and running I would stick it in with the older babies and keep an eye out for any bullying. Good luck. Super cute babies

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