Where's the eggs??


10 Years
Sep 15, 2009
My chickens free range. I have 8 hens, 2 roos and a guinea fowl. I let them out around 10am - and back in the coop they go at around 6-7pm. They were doing great at laying in the morning - and I'd collect the eggs as they'd head out for the day.

The past few days - no eggs. I've been watching thier regular route - and haven't been able to find any eggs. It's a bit like a daily easter egg hunt, and getting old.

How can I encourage them to lay in a certain area while they are out and about?

They seem to roam on about 3 acres of hilly land.
Somebody hads success here, putting outside free standing nest boxes in their yard for the free ranging chickens.

Imp- I'll look for that thread.
from Wisconsin!

You could leave them in for a few days. Then you can see if they are just laying a little later.

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