Which breed should I get?


9 Years
Nov 6, 2010
Northern Indiana
I am thinking either buff or pilgrim. I want a goose that will be good for meat. It does not have to be huge. I have 3 children ages 6 and up. I have read that buff and pilgrim are the most docile. We have a small pond with wetland taking up about an acre or two surrounded by pasture. What are your suggestions.
Either one would be good in my own opinion. I only have yearling Pilgrims right now BUT I intend to get a pair of Buffs next spring.
my Pilgrims were huge birds, much bigger than I anticipated. They were also relatively loud and difficult to approach, they showed some more defensive behavior than I would have liked. They were both male and though best friends, would regularly squabble for dominance among themselves (their yard mates were 3 ducks). They would have dressed out really nicely, being so large and white. But if you go the pilgrim route, get a larger group with more females than males if you can. Raise them from day olds and make your kids handle them a lot. This will ensure they become accepting of you all and not flightly when they free range.

FYI, my no frills tolouse is small compared to those pilgrims (all came from mcmurry hatchery) and she is quite easy to deal with, not agressive, but very watchful for her duck flock. She does well with strangers and children, I don' think she really distinguishes between kids and adults, generally she will take food from kids easier because the children are more excited to feed her. She has lovely white down on her undebody and though I couldn't eat her unless it was an emergency, I'm sure she would be very flavorful and dress out relitively nicely.
I agree, because that is what we did with our Pilgrim goslings. They are very docile and fairly quiet. On the other hand, we got 2 Sebastopol goslings that were around 2 months of age when we got them. They are more stand-offish. I believe this is because they weren't handled as much when they were younger. I guess you could stay that the amount of time you spend with them will partially determine how friendly they are.
Thank you for your reply. I would get several goslings and cull all but a gander and a goose or two. I originally wanted one of the other varieties, but with children I thought a calm quiet variety would be best. I also thought I don't need a huge goose. My grandparents had embdens and they were really aggressive.
I second the recommendation for Toulouse. I have a pair, and while they might not be huge geese, they are certainly plenty big!


These two are not yet full grown. I haven't any intention of eating them, but I'm sure any of their relatives would dress out quite nicely, instead.
I have a trio of toulouse an they are the sweetest things. They will come come up to me and just chatter. I can go out and call goosey gossey gossey and they will come running. When I turn and walk off they will follow me until I close the gate on them. They are 9 weeks old and soooo sweet.
We have pilgrims and buffs.

The Buffs are a bit larger, although the pilgrim gander is getting to be pretty good sized.

These are all this years hatch except 1 pilgrim goose.

We have had toulouse, and I do not remember them being as large.

Of all, the romans are most laid back, followed by the buffs.

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