Which breed to get?

Which breed should I get ?

  • Chamois Frizzle Polish

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  • Red Silkie

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  • Pyle Ducth

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  • Blue Partridge Brahma Bantam

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Jul 5, 2009
This is a poll made for joza2210

" As some of you know i have 6 de grubbe eggs in the incubator at the moment and 2 of my own wyandotte and when these hatch my dad said we will buy some more of ebay then stock up with our own eggs ...
So we have confirmed some breeds and i need your help ... The one with the highest vote i will more than likely get

Chamois frizzle polish

Red Silkie

Pyle Dutch

Blue Partridge Brahma Bantams

Opinions Please "

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Dec 15, 2008
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I'm on the fence between Chamois Polish and Brahma. I voted polish because my daughter had me flip a coin. But either. I only say that because the polish is probably farther along in development and you won't have such hard work maintaining the color. Just my thoughts of course.
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