Which Breeds Lay the Most and Least Eggs???

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    A lot of people wonder this when deciding which breed of chickens to get. I'd like to see what people have to say about the amount of egg laying from the breeds they have.

    Of mine,

    Best Layers:
    Red Star 20/21 (20 eggs for every 21 days)
    Ancona 6/7
    Delaware 7/10

    Worst Layer:
    Gold Laced Wyandotte 5/7 (still not bad)

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    Many of the best layers are the hybrids, like your Red Stars, also called Red Sex-Links, which will lay about 300 eggs a year. Other great layers are Leghorns, which will lay around 300 eggs a year, for white eggs and Rhode Island Reds or Production Reds, which lay more than 250 eggs a year, for brown eggs.

    The worst egg-layer: The White Cornish Cross. They don't lay eggs. In fact, they might not even live to adulthood. But this and the other hybrids are not actually breeds.

    The Ancona will lay more than 200 eggs a year.
    The Delaware will ay more than 200 eggs a year.
    The Wyandotte will lay about 200 eggs a year.

    By the way, the only accurate way o tell how many eggs a chicken lays is to count how many eggs a hen lays in a year. Some breeds will lay very well in the warm months and then really slow down or stop in the winter. Some breeds will lay well through the winter. Some breeds may have a long molting period, and other breeds may have a short molting period.

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