which chicken breeds are best for broodiness


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Mar 10, 2011
i want a breed that is good for broodiness
so they can hatch their eggs
with out having to use an incubator
I'm no pro but I have a BO that is broody right now so I am trying to learn as much as I can about it and everyone here is so helpful. From what I've read and pictures I have seen, BO are a good bet. Good luck on your journey!
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So far I have BO's RIR's PR's LH's Big Black chickens (Dont know their breed yet) and my BO's are the only ones to go broody.....in fact I have one setting on 7 eggs right now. But I have heard great things about silkies.
Two of our Bantams are trying to go broody this year. Our buff Brahma hen and a black cochin hen. We keep taking the eggs. The Brahma went broody last year. The eggs weren't fertile, but she sat on them for several weeks before they went bad. We might let her go broody this year - once our weather gets warmer. We are in Michigan - still getting snow.

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