Which Conure Breed Is The Best As A Family Pet, And Where To Get It?


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Feb 6, 2017
Conures are amazing little birds. I have three Green Cheeks, and they are awesome. They have the personality of a big bird wrapped up in a fun sized body! Despite their size, they require all the care of a larger bird. They still need a big cage, lots of toys, a quality pellet diet, daily fruits and veggies, and daily attention. They are on the quiet side of parrots, but can still have their loud moments. My girls are messy, they throw their shredded toy bits and pellets everywhere! I'm always surprised to see how far they manage to launch their pellets across the floor. LOL.

Every bird is different, and there is no guarantee that it will get along with your whole family. Lots of birds tend to pick a favorite person, and dislike others. That is not always the case though, and lots of birds love and get along with lots of people. But don't get disappointed if you are not the favorite, or the bird bonds with someone else and wants nothing to do with you. That is just how they roll!

I'm sure you know this since you have budgies, but there are things you have to give up when living with parrots that could hurt or kill them. No candles, no pots or pans with Teflon, no air fresheners, or certain cleaning products. With parrots, vinegar is your best friend with cleaning! LOL. Dogs and cats are also dangerous to parrots. They are predators, and their saliva is very harmful!

As for finding your new feathered friend, I would highly recommend getting a rehome. There are so many birds out there that need homes, but so many people look right past them because they want a cute and cuddly baby. All three of my conures, along with all of my other birds except 1, are rehomes, and they are all amazing. Look into rescues, look at Craigslist. Sometimes it may take some time for the species you want to pop up, but keep looking! It is worth it to help out a sweet creature who needs a home.

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Jul 3, 2016
Thank you so much! Right now though, I'm getting chickens in April, once thats settled, I'll try looking for conures again :)


Sep 14, 2020
I'm thinking of buying a conure but not sure on the best breed yet. I already have 2 Budgies, 2 Zebra Finches, and 31 Quail. I'm looking for it to be a fun family pet that everyone will love. But I'm also wondering where to get it. Some people say pet stores and some say breeders, but for me it's difficult for me to find a breeder near where I live.(Ulster County NY) If you know where I can find and breeder or what breed of conure is the best or where I should get it from, please tell me and remember to leave why I should follow what you say! Thanks!

I am also getting a new bird (Jenday Conure), and I am getting one from a breeder. Breeders can be insightful to which bird/conure would be qualified for you. But I have to add, I own another GC Conure that came from Pet Supermarket, and I fell in love with him. No, he wasn't anywhere near tame when I got him, but with some trust, he came around, and is now the sweetest, goofiest thing ever! Not glorifying pet shops because yes, they do come from bird mills and places that just ship off birds without a second thought to their health, or temperment. But, it can be a good thing too if you fall absolutely in love with one from a pet store. But I also made sure that the pets weren't neglected to be left to get sick. The people at our pet store assured us that they check on them everyday, they have paperwork from when they were hatched, and the last checkup. You can also make them liable by getting a confirmation sheet that (they should give you) in the next 30-40 days (sickness incubation period) if you have to take them to a vet, they have to pay for the expenses and if they die, ship you a new bird or refund you. But overall I would go with a reputable bird breeder for your bird of choice (not one that just has a whole farm of 60 different birds), because they know their birds. They know which one has struggled the most, which one is energetic, which one will most likely be friendlier, because they have spent every single day with them feeding and caring for them. (Also make sure that they are handfed, because that makes for a more socially inclined bird!)


Sep 2, 2020
We currently have a 2 year old Sun Conure (Ginger). I would adopt, as there are a lot of parrots who need homes. Phoenix Landing is great, but there are way more than just this one. If you go online, and search up refutable parrot adoption in (wherever you live). Sun Conures are excellent parrots, who love to please you, clown around, and just in general be your best friend. Like any pet they are messy, LOUD, especially loud, and lots of interaction. Hope you find a great bird. :thumbsup

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