Which incubator? IS this a possibility?


9 Years
Oct 16, 2010
As some of you guys know my muscovy drake was killed on saturday in a very tragic accident. I was also disappointed because my female abandoned her nest on day 30 a couple weeks before his death and his bloodline wouldnt go on. This was the first time my muscovy was laying. She layed about 40 eggs and then started sitting. The ones that didnt fit in the rest rolled out within the first couple of days. She built her nest in a spot that is hard to get to so I havent looked at it in a while. Well today I looked in it and there was 16 new eggs. Since my drake passed only 3 days ago most of the eggs should be fertile. I really want these eggs to hatch so Im not taking chances by letting the duck sit on them, Im going to buy an incubator. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you guys think that I can incubate the eggs then put the ducklings in the nest with her and she will take care of them?
If there are so many eggs why not only take half? So she wont be upset, and you can make sure you get some duckies.
Oh my! she was optomistic! I reckon she got cold feet at the last minute, at the thought of soooo many babies Lol! xxx

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