Which is better R Com or Brinsea

Brinsea make Rcom, so whiichever suits your nees better!

(I would choose RCOM just because it is computedr-automated...)
Well, noooo... R-Com is less expensive, but Brinsea has equally "computer controlled" incubators. I know because I have seven Brinseas and 1 R-Com.

2 Brinsea MiniAdvance
2 Brinsea MiniAdvance EX (these are STUPID proof - have humidity pumps)
3 Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance EX - has humidity pump
1 R-Com 3-egg

I wouldn't get the Octagon ECO unless you love to turn eggs... get the Advance of any model - with the auto turner. The EX models have the humidity pumps. They are MUCH more expensive.

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