which is easyer to maintain(clean) wood shavings or sand?

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  1. ThatsCluckedup

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    Feb 8, 2012
    North Carolina
    my cool is a few years old and there is only hard rock n dirt left on the floor, i was wondering what i should use on the floor of the coop that will be easy to clean and not hazardous to the chickens? i have sand in my shed still in the bags and a friend of mine does tree work so they have plenty of wood shavings on hand to lend me... but i would like to know which i should go with. please help :) [​IMG]
  2. confusedbanti

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    Nov 5, 2010
    I read up on the different methods and went with the DLM with DE. Started Dec 5 and have not changed it yet. NO smell, works great ![​IMG]
    I learned about DLM here on this Forum . We started to use DE last summer around the house as well and had no Ants, spiders or anything else inside.
    Make sure it's food Grade DE

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