Which is more accurate...Digital or Mercury??


10 Years
Aug 24, 2009
I've got both and one reads hum. also, but am wondering which is really more accurate...digital or the mercury? They read seperate temps when in bator
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Ok, great...thank you. What exactally is the alcohol one? Are they the ones that lay flat with red "reading"??
THANK YOU! I so appreciate your help, now I can "roll on" and get this 2nd bator set up correctly.

There is also a new type of medical glass thermometer that is as accurate as the old mercury type. It contains a liquid metal called Galinstan inside it. The stuff inside looks just like mercury. I read an article about them in a medical journal, they tested them and found them as accurate as mercury. I picked up 2 (one for us and one for the bator) at walgreens and compared them to my old mercurys. They all read the exact same temp. The company guarantees them accurate within .1 degree. They are pricey for a glass thermo at 6 bucks each. I was not happy with the accuracy of the digitals I have. We have several for human use, as well as the 3 I tested for the bator. Not one of them was accurate. A good $6 investment though to calibrate digitals if you don't have an old mercury, since you can't buy those anymore.
Just FYI the brand name for the new liquid metal thermos is Geratherm. They have them at Walgreens they are in a green package. I am sure most other pharmacies have them as well.
Fantastic...That's nice to know. Do the digies do well on accuracy for testing hum?? I'm asking because this is the first one I've owned...the rest of the hatches I've had have all been by the old mercury thermos.

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