Which is the best free website hoster?

If you are 'hosting', like you can install Joomla or Wordpress or something of the sort, then 000webhost.com is the best. But if you are just making a free site, webs.com and sites.google.com are both good things to use!

If you need any help with the 000webhost and joomla or something, let me know!

I used Weebly.com for a couple of projects, but am now switching over to webs.com. Just like it better, seems like the interface runs faster, and also if I don't want to pay for a domain I would rather the site be (mysitename).webs.com than (mysitename).weebly.com
we use freewebs.com for our Foleyswaterfowl.com website. It is easy to use and the program walks you through all the steps. You can pay $20 a year to have your own domain like yourfarmname.com or you can use the free one yourfarmname.webs.com......or something like that. You can load pictures on the website from your computer or from photo bucket.
Second vote for 000webhost.com


The file number limit for uploading files, which can be bypassed. I think it's 2000 files or something.

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