Which is the pointy end of an egg?

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  1. Jaykay

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Thurso, Scotland
    Hi there
    This might appear to be a stupid question but how do you tell the small end of a round egg?
    Some of the chicken eggs I get appear to be sphere shaped and I have great difficulty in deciding which is the big end and which is the small end. Does anyone have any advice on this. It is obviously important to know because I usually ste my eggs pointy end down.
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    May 25, 2009
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    if you float the egg in a glass of water, I believe the non-pointy end has the airsac, therefore theoretically the pointy end will be facing down.

    Although, before you trust me, I had to google it to know which end had the airsac, so I hope I'm right :p
  3. Jaykay

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    Jun 30, 2010
    Thurso, Scotland
    Quote:Thanks for the information.
    I was wondering if it is safe to put the eggs into water before puting them in the incubator?
  4. Kedreeva

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    Jun 10, 2010
    I know quite a few people put their eggs in water and/or wash them a bit too well in my opinion, and they claim their hatch rates are just fine. You may also be able to candle them with a very bright light and determine which side has the air sack that way, if you are worried about the water.
  5. A.T. Hagan

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Once in a while you get an egg that is so symmetrical that you can't tell one end from the other. In those cases it's best to candle them to determine which end the air sac is on. It goes on top.

    A really fresh egg is not going to raise up on one end enough in a bowl of water to tell one way or the other.

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