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    May 10, 2009
    Hi everyone, I have some ?'s I hope y'all can help me with. I hatched some shipped eggs this spring. Some of them were black ameracauna roo over barred rock hens. Four of these hatched. Two of those are barred roosters. Pretty definite about them. Question is about the other 2. I looked up the color genetics and thought i read that from that cross the roos would be barred and any hens would be black. Welllll... i have a total of three black chickens. The other one is a pure black ameracauna. I can't tell which ones are which .It seems like the 2 bigger ones are roos too. Could they be roos? The barred roos have definite boy feathers on hackles and saddle but the black ones just don't seem to. I'm trying to figure out the picture posting but can't figure out how to make my files jpeg. Not very computer savvy, but
    i'm trying.Will try to post pics soon. thanks!
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    I can't answer all your questions- but if you have 3 black chickens, and one is for sure an ameraucana, then 2 of them will probably have greenish colored legs (because of the rock mom). I'd think the true ameraucana might be a little smaller as well. That might be why you think the 2 bigger ones are roos.

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