Which peacocks do I need to breed Pied?

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    I am going to order some Pieds but I don't know the ratio. I like Em. Sp. Pied, I.B Pied.
    What do I need to buy so the offspring will be pied? Sorry I don't know genetics very well.
    Sorry for such a repetitive question just needing to know how much I need.
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  2. Quote:There have been quite a few posts in here discussing pieds. See below.


    Or, a short answer would be to have one parent be White, and the other parent be Dark Pied. From this pairing, all offspring will be what others call "Pied." If you want high-percentage Spalding Pied offspring, find a high-percentage White and a high-percentage Dark Pied.
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    Right. Just make sure you are getting a dark pied and not a split to white because they will look the same. Make sure the breeder knows what they are talking about and maybe even ask to see the parents. Dark pieds have white primary feathers and sometimes a white throat latch.
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    Pied X Pied = 25% white, 25% dark pied, 50% pied

    Pied X white = 50% white ,50% pied

    Dark pied X white = 100 % pied

    so which would your rather breed from. myself I don't keep many dark pied , and don't pair white to white...get enought from pied mating.

    I like the looks of pied peacock mostly silver pied...that the reason i breed from pieds

    like about if you only want to hatch all pieds.....go with dark pied and white.

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