Which Roos to keep?????? Help?


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Sep 11, 2014
spring I ordered a straight run of 50. They where a standard and rare breed run from McMurrary
Hatchary. I ended up with 14 roos. I can't complian they are beautiful. But who needs 14 roos. I have 50 hens also, all kinds of breeds.
About the roos I have a Black Australorp, 2 Buff Orptingtons, Dark Cornish, White Jersey Gaint ,Black Minorca, Blue Andalusin,Silver Spangled Hamburg, ,Black Langshan, and 2 Easter Eggers.
I understand I can only keep 4 to 5 of them. I have had a smaller flock for about 7years now but, this is newer to me.I would like to do some of my own breeding. Shipping is expensive!! :)
If anyone has had experience with these breeds, could you share some insight. Thank-you :)

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
Welcome! My first consideration would be temperament, as in any human aggressive tendencies. If he's challenging you in any way now, forget him. Next, any bird who's been ill, for any reason. Vigorous good health is what you want in breeding stock. Then define your breeding goals; will you physically separate breeding groups during the season? Do you want more green egg layers? Well grown meaty cockrels for the pot? More or less purebreds? Then select the cockrels who most compliment your pullets, and finally there's the eye candy factor, not to be ignored. Fun! Mary


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Feb 18, 2011
Are you going to want to hatch/sell purebred chicks or fertile eggs or you don't mind just having mixes for yourself? If you might want purebred chicks, would keep the roos that match your hens of popular breeds. The Orps & BA especially, and WJG are popular good brown egg laying duel purpose breeds, would rank the BLs last of those four. The Min and Andy are good white egg layers but not as popular as the browns, the SSH are good layers but small birds and small eggs... the Cornish were poor layers ime. The McMurray EEs (my favorite hatchery EE) are good layers and of course the roos hopefully would sire green egg laying pullets, and EEs tend to be really popular (EEs crossed on any of the breeds would give you more EEs)....

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