Which rooster should I choose to pair with the hens? Old English Game Birds. Quality?


Aug 30, 2015

Black Pair

Lemon Blue pair?

Is he a little younger why his crest isn't as full? Think he was called a Black Breasted Red?

Also what color is this last hen considered? Blue Splash?
What type of line are you breeding for show? A cock line or a hen line? That'll help alot of deciding the perfect pairing
I'm a bit new at this, so please explain a cock line vs hen line. I'd like to show eventually but still learning about color descriptions and quality. I thought that pair looked a little too brown but they were sold to me as a "black pair". Lady said she purchased them at a show. She also called the splash a "lemon blue sport" but I'm familiar with splash in cochin so to me it looked like a Blue Splash.
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Okay, with old english games due to their standards showers breed for either a cock line (AKA a line of show quality cocks *or stags as game people call them* which have more cock like hens) Or a hen line (AKA a line of show quality hens with more hen like roosters for breeding)

For a person starting to show and breed if you want to have more birds on your property a hen line would be easier (Also, no dubbing!) but if you like flashy roosters you'll want to have a cock/stag line, but that'll means alot of roosters and pens just for roosters and of course dubbing their wattles and combs to be able to show them in APA/ABA shows.

Aye, those two are a decent pair of chocolates, it might be the light but they appear a few shades lighter then they should be but again, lighting and sun bleaching can ruin good show birds in pictures. The BBR pair are clearly cock bred, and he is mature but was dubbed for show which explains the lack of combs and waddles.

The other birds it would honestly be easier to have a side shot and a frontal shot to see the chest build to figure out what lines the breeder(s) were working on so it would be easier for you to start.
That is making it sound like a hen line would be easier since I'm just starting out and have no idea what so ever how to dub a male. Sure I could youtube it but I'll wait until I have a bit more experience.
Haha yea you'll want to find honestly a experience game breeder to learn that skill, it is not for the faint of heart at all. If you can maybe start posting on the OEGB thread on the site to possible get help from those who breed the colors you own?I specialize in self blues but have studied the other colors but a person who breeds one of the colors you have could probably be of more endepth help.
Well I wouldn't say I'm faint of heart but I certainly would want some instructions, not sure thats something youtube could only instruct so much with. I watched a lot of videos before I did my first goat hoof trimming on my 2 gals I rescued and I still made them bleed. =( But it didn't show a lot as to how to do the in between if they are too overgrown and these definitely were, not to mention all their wiggling. All the ones in video were so still. But they survived!

Directions to this oegb thread please? I really would love suggestions.

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