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Aug 16, 2011
Now that my flock is maturing it appears there are 3 roosters and 11 hens. (Already culled a fourth rooster). The current roosters are: 1 White Silkie (General Tso), 1 Black Laced White Polish (Whitey), and 1 Barred Rock (Henri). I don't really want to part with any of the 3 roosters but from what I understand, 3 roosters is too many for 11 hens--i don't like the idea of risking any of them getting hurt and crowing from 3 roosters is probably too much for the neighbors.

Which one (or ones) would you let go of? The flock consists of 2 Wellsummers, 2 Cuckoo Marans, 1 Barred Rock, 4 White Silkies, 2 Buff Laced Polish, and 3 Black Crested White Polish.

The Three Roosters:
1. The Barred Rock rooster is the largest bird in the flock and very gentle and mild mannered now. As a younger bird he went through a phase when he was being aggressive with other birds so I separated him for nearly a week--he shaped up and after that has showed no further aggression except some posturing one-on-one with other birds at times. The Barred Rock does not readily allow himself to be handled like most of the other birds. He is very watchful of what is going on around the flock at all times. He has the most pleasant crow of the three roosters.

2. The Black Crested White Polish rooster is exceptionally sociable with humans. He likes to be handled and readily jumps up on your lap if you allow it. He also actively protects the flock. For example, one of my dogs is allowed loose around the chickens when I am out in the yard. A couple of times, this Polish rooster has chased the dog (an Australian Shepard) across the yard away from the flock. He is the loudest most frequent crower.

3. The Silkie rooster: The other day he was lunging at the Polish rooster, grabbing the Polish by the neck and biting him. Like all four Silkies in the flock he is fluffy and cute.
Personally I'd keep the Polish but that's me.

The question is, do you just want a flock protector, or do you plan to breed and hatch out chicks? The Rock will give you more edible/dual purpose type birds, the Polish will give better layers and neat pale colored eggs plus spunky looking mutts, the Silkie will give you small but often broody offspring. They won't be fluffy though if you're curious.

As a general flock protector, the Silkie I'd worry of unless you just keep your chickens in a dirt run. If you free range them I'd recommend the Polish. My Polish are VERY alert, good fliers and runners, and quite protective plus super foragers.
I'm with Illia on the Polish.

Are you going to hatch any of the eggs? If you are and you have a barred you'll just get a bunch of barred chicks for the first generation. With that said I'd keep any rooster that was willing to protect and get alond with people and other chickens. I think silkie should go for sure.
Thank you Illia and Hucklekree, really appreciate your input. If I'm understanding correctly, this is one vote for keeping Polish and one vote for keeping both Polish and Barred Rock.

I don't plan to breed and hatch out chicks. Am only looking for a flock protector. The birds are mostly contained in a secure chicken yard but get let out into the larger fenced yard for a few hours every day or two.
2 votes for the polish and the rock. I think they will be fine with 11 hens.
They will eventually (hopefully) get to the point where they work together with the hens between them. Mine do when they free range. My two del roos head to opposite ends of where they want the hens to free range. They are usually 50 feet apart and make sure the hens are between them. They communicate silently with each other. The other day one looked up (i was out there) and I guess thought he saw something. I never did see it. He grunted so low I barely heard it. The back side roo charged the hens and they hauled but to the coop. The one that started this stood still as a statue as they passed him. I think he was counting. Chicken Tv never ceases to amaze me.
Thanks Bairo and Drumstick Diva. Bairo, thanks for speaking to the issue of having two roosters--been wondering if and how that could work out with 11 hens. That coordinated rooster effort you describe sounds pretty cool.

Now we're up to:
Two votes for keeping both Polish and Barred Rock roosters
Two votes for keeping Polish rooster
One vote for keeping Silkie rooster


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