Which technique is more accurate...


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Jun 28, 2016
...in sexing ducks? I purchased 4 rouens at the end of April at only a few days old. I am positive that I have one drake and at least 2 hens (I have posted about this before...) The other one looks like a hen and quacks like a hen but its bill has started to turn an olive green shade. That was the first indication on my drake before he started getting his adult feathers.

Wouldn't it be on the same feathering schedule as the others? If she was in fact a he wouldn't he have the green head, white stripe, and brown chest that my other drake has?

Could "he" be a late bloomer? Does bill color really matter? Does the quack say it all?
I am so confused.
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Don't know if it'll help any.. I've had females with dark bills and light bills. Actually more dark than light bills. Sometimes it helped me tell them apart! If it's definitely quacking good chance it's a female..

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