Which thermometer and hygrometer are you using?


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
I was just wondering which you all using.
I got me a thermo/hygrometer combo from Accurite.It cost like 12$ at Walmart. It has a corded probe that i hung into the bator, just above the eggs. But i also put the thermometer that came with the bator in too.
Should i use a seperate hygrometer or are those combo thingys fine??
A bunch

I am a *thermometer slut*

I have an Amprobe THWD-2 Psychrometer. This is hightly accurate and consequently expensive. It is very good for checking everything else.

I have a Springfield Temp/RH meter (Walmart $6) which is decent and sits in the incubator.

Various other In/Out thermometers, and I calibrate them all with digital medical thermometers (2, and cheap but very accurate in the range we need).
Would somone please post a pic of the walmart thermometer so i know exactly which one to use? I went there today to get one but i think i was looking at the wrong ones. thanks

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