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May 31, 2010
I live in San Diego and currently don't own any chickens but am looking to start in a week or two. Reading up on the loses that some people are having scares me. I have seen skunks and possums in my yard and am considering getting a trap. I have a few questions. Which trap should I buy (or build)? Do I put the trap near the coop or anywhere in the yard? What happens if I trap a skunk? What do I do to avoid getting spray by the skunk? Do I need to worry about skunk and possum if I let my chicken free range during the day in the yard?
A live trap havahart is best if you have never used a trap a 12"X12" BY 30" will do skunk,possum and coon for skunk I tie a 15-25' rope to the trap and stretch the rope out so I am a good distance from the animal and I usually drag it to my truck or to the closest water. I see possum out now and then when I was living around skunks I saw them all the time night and day both possum and skunk are egg eaters skunks will kill birds as well as the bigger possums be careful with the skunks when they spray it wil burn your eyes and throat for a while kina an olfactory overload

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