Which vitamins can I slip to geese and what can I slip it to them in so they won't reject them?

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Could anyone recommend ways to augment Vitamin A in geese?

    Here's why...

    My 3 geese (2 ganders and a goose, the remainder of a family of likely 8 or 9) don't have terribly good vision in the evening or dark. I've fed them the best that they won't spit out (definitely picky eaters, preferring scratch & refusing higher protein pellets)...however, they supplement their diets by foraging--pond weed, occasional bugs and dabbling (my guess, is for freshwater inverts.) Once or twice, over the winter, I've seen them eat earth. Other people in the park where they live have fed them all manner of things: goldfish crackers, lots of bread, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (lots of kiddie food, esp. when photographers are baiting them for photos.)

    This week somebody abandoned two white Toulouse geese in the same park. They look like a mated pair, the gander's left wing is significantly banged up w/ feathers missing (thankfully, he's seems to still have full range of motion when he stretches it, only, at rest, it sits akimbo of his back.) Both of the new kids look well-fed and healthy and they eat very well (they're completely comfortable eating from bowls...all of these things seem to say, these were pet birds...)

    (Thankfully my 3 are on a separate pond from the new 2 since everyone's a little sensitive right now. My 3 ardently want me to be flock-faithful--which I am--but after I visit them, I check in on the new kids b/c it has to be terrifying to be abandoned.)

    The 2 new geese have much better night vision than my 3 (the whole extended flock considers me family.) Right now the moon's 1st quarter, but I'd like to do anything I can to improve their night vision before it goes full (the park's loaded with a few coyotes and these are all white geese.)

    The water in this park is partially-treated waste water/run-off/sewage--so I can't give them additives by water...

    Suggestions, please? All these birds are in very stressful conditions (gosh, the park is so over-run with semi-abusive people of all ages--kids, parents, photographers, elderly people, people who *way* too regularly let their hunting dogs lunge at the birds and I can only be there part of the time to help protect them, and then not everywhere at once...if it weren't for the birds, I wouldn't go there at all anymore...) Which supplements can I help them out with, including, something to help with stress...and...how do I make it palatable enough to ensure they'll eat it?

    Thanks so much!
    (It's a 100x harder having them live at a park and not at home : ) )

    It means the world to me and them![​IMG][​IMG]
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    Jul 31, 2014
    Also...is there any way I could give the geese human vitamin supplements calculated to their weights and needs? Crazy question, I know...
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    I've never gave human vitamins to my flock so can't help you there but I found this on line https://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicke...onics/11127/verm-x_poultry_zest_pellets_500g/ might be able to find it in the US I know some of their other products you can buy here.

    So sad some geese have been dumped, do you know of a rescue in your area that would come and get all the domestics? they deserve better even with you trying to help them out they still need to be fed/ housed in a secure safe place and doesn't sound like very nice drinking or swimming water either.


    Rescues can be done if you have the right folks with you.https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/441184/need-info-on-american-buff-geese/30 starting with post 34
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