Which way should my windows face?


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9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
Now that I've got my coop size figured out I need to know which way my windows should face. We have relatively cool summers (mid 80s) with a few weeks out of the year that push 100. Our winters can be fairly cold (though this year was mild). I want to face my windows east so I can pick up any winter sun but I don't want the coop heating up too much in the summer. What do you all do?

Also, in your opinion how many walls should have windows?
I just read that you should have at least 2 windows. One on the south side and one on the north side. In the summer the windows can be open (cover with hardwire cloth) for ventilation. In the winter the sun will keep the coop warm thru the window facing south. The north, north west winds and the eastern winds cannot create drafts as these sides of the coop have no windows.


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