WhineObator Works!!!


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Feb 19, 2014
Happy to report that the whine obator works. I made the incubator about 2 months ago and after running it for about a month, I put 2 dozen eggs in it 20 days ago.

Last night I stopped the turner and placed the 16 that made it to this stage in the hatcher box, about 6 or 7 have pipped so far and 2 have hatched.

Should have some more in there in the morning. Black Aussies and Barred rocks....

Glad the home built incubator works.

If your wanting an incubator for fairly little money this is the way to go, and definitely the cheapest way to go to building your flock.

1. whine cooler broken of course (40 bucks on CL)
2. thermostat (Bi metal) online for 10 bucks or so, I purchased an extra one.
3. 2 eggs turners (little giant ones ) 80 bucks for both on sale at TSC with a coupon.
5. 120 volt fan, the same size as a 12v but 120 volt. (12 bucks) I purchased an extra one of those as well.

So for less than 150 bucks I have a working incubator that holds 84 eggs. Im happy with it.

I will keep all yall posted on the exact hatch rate %. A couple of the eggs that got pitched were not fertile so I will not be including those in the hatch rate. Hope to get around 70%.

Yall have a happy easter.


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That's awesome! Finally, wine coolers have a real purpose!
Well the wineobator did not work out so well... I ended up with 6 baby chicks out of 24... of course it could have been the eggs,,, but I believe it was the humidity ...

I broke down and purchased a hydrometer after a dismal hatch... and found out that my humidity was only around 45%.... way to low from what I have read for a good hatch after lock down....

Got the humidity up to around 65% now.... hopefully my next batch of eggs will do better....
Good luck! I still think it's a fantastic idea. I bet your next hatch will be better. Hydrometers are really a must-have. Now that I have one I don't think I could ever live without it. Of course my hens have been so broody that I haven't needed to use my incubator, which is a shame because it's such a nifty machine.

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