Whiney Hens

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  1. Chookychooks

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    Aug 21, 2016
    Hi all

    New to the forum and have a question.

    We have 9 hens. 3 reds, two blackstars 3 silkies and, well number 9 is a mix we picked up somewhere.

    they have a fenced of space in the garden which is about 40 square meters. a "coop" for sleeping which a one merer cubed and plenty of feed and shells on stock. we let them out in to the main garden for a couple of hours each day for grass and all the garden clippings and other greens go in their space. they also have three nest boxes which most of them use but a couple have a preference for an old rubbish bin laying on its side in their space.

    They have a 10 litre water... thing (dont know the technical term) at one end which is cleaned weekly plus a fresh pot of water at the other end that is changed daily

    but if someone came in that didnt know better they would think our chooks are starved and neglected. they make a whining noise nearly all day. i've asked the neighbours if it bothers them and they have said no but to be honest its starting to bother me. they do that long drawn choooooook chook chook chooooooooooooooook chook

    Have we missed something?
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    [​IMG] Do they stop when you let them out into the main garden? If so they are complaining that they want to be there.

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