??White and Black Bantams of some sort??


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
I recently purchased a handful of guniea's and the seller gave me a bantam rooster and hen, that I was told were Dominique Bantams. The pattern that I know of Dominiques does not much what I have. The are white with a black teardrop spotting that inside the black droplets are blue and greenish coloring. They are beautiful little birds but I am interested in what breed they actually are. I keep them seperated from the other chickens/bantams we have so as to not have accidental mix breeding. Would like to get more, but need to know what exactly they are. I do not have good pictures currently but will try to get some tomorrow.
Pics would help a lot!
Thank you everyone they are the silver spangled hamburg. Those of you that stated those thank you..Mine are a young rooster and hen, look exatly like the picture posted except his tail feaathers aren't that ong..Thank you Lots!!

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