White, Cameo Pied, Purple & Opal

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by swheat, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. swheat

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    I lost track of these that were due today.[​IMG] I was out at the barn and I heard them chirping away and walking around in the pen. There 3 new peas. 2 white and 1 Cameo\\Pied(all came from Cameo silver pied parents). Pic shows them with 2 older peachicks - a Purple and Opal
    I have had a much better year than last ...I think the best improvement was letting my bantam hens hatch my pea eggs, but you need to keep track of hatch dates(obviously better than I do [​IMG]) So far I have around 20 chicks and more eggs cooking and still got an egg day before yesterday...but my boys are blowing their tails now...[​IMG]

  2. deerman

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    Aug 24, 2008
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    nice ,. one thing remember those whites from a pr of cameo pieds. are cameo ,just the color doesn't show because the white mask the cameo.

    Where this will help , if you want cameo pied, these whites mated to cameo pied will produce cameo pieds and whites.

    Good records on where white come from can save you years in breeding. I had white(peach) white(blackshoulder) white (charcoal)

    So keep good records on your whites.

    If you was to breed a cameo pied hen to a white bird that was blue all chicks would be blue pieds and whites'

    So i always like to know what color my whites are masking, and breed them like that color.

    Another thing if you breed one of those white(cameo) male to say blue hens, all chicks blue would be males and all cameo would be females, all split white.
  3. swheat

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    Quote: Yeah, Next year I am putting my purple hen with my cameo male to make more cameo girls
  4. rem

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    Apr 18, 2011
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    Love those Cameos, very beautiful color, good luck with them swheat. I'm still trying to get some, but it seems this year breeding season is coming to an end. Good information deerman, this is one of those save this post to self.

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