White egg layer breed recommendation?


9 Years
Dec 3, 2010
I am looking for a white egg laying LF breed for my son to show in 4H next year. He will be 11 and it will only be his second year of showing, we started with bantam salmon faverolles, sexlinks, and cornish rocks. So who has a white egg laying breed that they would recommend for a youngster? I have done lots of reading and am interested in learning more about Silver Lakenvelders and Andalusians. I am hoping for a breed that isn't too large or flighty, and that I have a reasonable chance of getting a rooster that doesn't terrorize the family. He specifically wants a white egg layer so he can have the white eggs to show in the egg class (he was so impressed with the white eggs that beat out his brown ones this year in the egg class!) BYC folks are always full of wonderful advice, so I thought I would start by asking for recommendations here. Any suggestions? Thank you!!
My experience is that most white egg layers are pretty flighty. Then again there are exceptions in certain flocks.
That aside I really like Silver Spangled Hamburgs , I have never had them but am thinking about getting some.
I just started my second egg carton in five days for my three Silver Spangled Hamburgs, and one of them is moulting! They're laying 46gram eggs, which are on the small end of USDA large. They may do better is they have more room than, say, commercial white layers, but they seem less flighty than their reputation and more polite and reserved. I may just be lucky, though.
Thank you both for the recommendation, I will be looking at the Silver spangled hamburgs, a breed I had not even considered previously.
Or, you know, you can chose one of the dozens of breeds that the great ag industry behemouth doesn't use (which includes SQ White Leghorns, I suppose, as well as other colors of leghorns) and help preserve genetic diversity in our larger flock. Me, I grew up in a neighborhood where you could hit fifty-thousand chickens within five miles in any direction, and I really appreciate chickens that aren't floppy-combed whites.
Personally none of my Polish are flighty, and they're white egg layers.

But, that said, I don't recommend getting Polish from most hatcheries. I know, people have heard it a hundred times, but aggressive and flighty behavior in Polish from hatcheries seems to be a very common thing. I've yet to find an aggressive one in my flock, which is only 1/2 hatchery based, and all the skittish, skinny, weak, and poor laying ones have been culled out.
I agree, my Polish are sweet, although they are from a hatchery. I suppose, as with any breed, it may depend on what hatchery you get them from. But, I love my Polish hens!

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